40 in ’14

Well, the New Year is upon all of us and the resolutions are just pouring in, but not from me. I used to make (and break) resolutions every year, but last year I had an epiphany. Instead of making resolutions, I need to make goals. So one of my many goals is to read forty books – 20 novels and 20 graphic novels – in the year 2014, and I want all of you to join me for the ride. Feel free to take a peek at my choices, make suggestions and if you feel bold enough, read along with me. 

40 in '14 Banner


1. Nerd Do Well
2. Let Me Off at the Top
3. The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay
4. The Hobbit
5. The Two Towers
6. The Return of the King
7. Robopocalypse
8. Island of the Sequined Love Nun
9 -11. Hunger Games
12. Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
14 – 20: Harry Potter Series (Yes, I know it’s terrible that I haven’t already done this)

Graphic Novels:

1. Anya’s Ghost
2. Little Things
3. Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth
4. Zombies Calling
5. The Complete Calvin and Hobbes
6. Walking Dead Volume 9
7. Y: The Last Man
8. Bone
9. Blankets
10. We3
11. Batman: the Dark Knight Returns
12. White Out
13. Sin City
14. Welcome to Hoxford
15. Ghost World
16. Preacher
17. Locke & Key
18 – 20: Hellboy Library Edition 1-3


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