SDCC: Walking Dead Returns



Just when I think I’m done, they pull my nerdy butt right back in. It’s no secret that I’m a huge Walking Dead fan. I’ve read my eight volumes at least twice, I devoured Robert Kirkman’s first WD novel and I’ve religiously tuned in each week for the record-breaking show; but after last season I felt like the honeymoon stage was over. It was the first time in three years that I wasn’t clamoring for October to come around. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t hate last season, I was just less than impressed. I thought the prison and Governor storyline that I held so near and dear to my heart wasn’t handled correctly and don’t even get me started on Andrea’s constant idiocy.

The good news is that after the first of my many viewings of the season four trailer the fire has been reignited in my heart. I’m of course still skeptical, especially after the huge bait and switch between the season three finale trailer and the actual episode, but my hopes are high. It looks as though we’re finally going to see Tyreese and Rick’s relationship, Daryl take on more of a leadership role and more importantly, a lot more walker action.

Please check out the trailer below and tell me your thoughts. Are you excited for yet another year of undead drama or have you grown tired of the whole zombie craze? Here’s hoping! 

The series returns on Sunday, October 13 at 9 p.m. on AMC.



One response to “SDCC: Walking Dead Returns

  1. I predict that Sasha dies early, sending Tyreese into a “Rick Grimes” moment, causing him to lose his head slightly for a short while. This most likely will lead to a fist fight with Rick/Daryl against Tyreese in which he’ll get beaten up, pout, and then end up finding a new strength after almost dying in the back of that black Dodge they’re driving around. Michonne, Daryl, and Bob Stookey will return to find Tyreese sitting on a huge pile of dead walkers in which he released his aggression toward his loss of Sasha, and his anger at getting his ass kicked by Rick and Daryl.

    And my long-shot prediction is a bold one: Carl Grimes is the prison’s saboteur.

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