Spotlight: Curse #1

Curse #1

Holy blown mind, readers, do I have a treat for you! Michael Moreci and Tim Daniel’s gruesome werewolf tale, Curse, finally hit shelves this past week and I couldn’t be more ecstatic.

Curse is the story of Laney Griffin, a man pushed to his limits and dangerously out of his element. With his son sick and hospital bills piling higher and higher, Laney sets out to the woods to track down a local killer. But as Laney delves deeper into his pursuit, he’ll learn that he’s not hunting any normal psychopath and even more terrifying, Laney isn’t the one doing the hunting.  

Over the past few months I’ve been watching Moreci and Daniels tirelessly promote this book, and with each new post my anticipation grew. But as the big day moved closer and closer, nervousness began to creep into my head. Not because I have any doubt about the talent on this book. Moreci and Daniel are both extremely talented writers and have garnered a special place in my weekly pull box. My nervousness lied in the fact that they were treading in – in my opinion – one of the hardest horror sub-genres to pull off, werewolves. Time and time again, writers have tried to weave lycanthropic tales and more often than not the final product is just plain laughable. Not the case here.

In the opening scene – one reminiscent of Silence of the Lambs, on a more macabre scale – we’re introduced to Laney and the killer. Not much else is given, but it’s clear that there’s something different about this killer. He may look like a man, but something darker lies beneath. The banter between these two characters is chilling. All I could imagine was Hannibal Lector as a werewolf and that in and of itself is enough to give anyone nightmares. 

With the combination of perfectly written characters and beautifully unsettling art by Riley Rossmo and Colin Lorimer, Curse is a must-read for all horror fans. And while these two horror maestros aren’t reinventing the werewolf tale, they’re for sure perfecting it. 



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