SDCC: Electro’s Shocking Debut



It’s that time again. The sun is blistering hot, the birds are chirping, and nerds from all over the globe have converged faster than a horde of the walking dead to one of the most magical places on earth, and I don’t mean Disney World. That’s right, San Diego Comi-Con has begun once again and a bevy of comic and movie announcements have already saturated the Internet and set my nerdy heart aflutter.

I know that there are a lot of Amazing Spider-Man haters out there, but I personally loved the new movie and I’m not afraid to say it. Over the past couple of months director Marc Webb has been teasing fans with secretive little snip-its from the set of the highly- anticipated sequel and thanks to our fellow nerds at, we’ve been given an even bigger piece of the puzzle; an Electro focused teaser.

All I can say is WOW! While the whole villain monologue was a little cheesy, the footage still sent my spidey-sense into overdrive. I for one am so freaking psyched for more and if Electro looks this good, I can’t wait for the Rhino’s debut. Just in case you’ve been in a coma or living under a rock, I’ve included the footage below. After you indulge, sound off below and let this nerd know what you thought.




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