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It’s been far too long since I’ve gabbed about comics and it makes me one sad nerd. With so many fantastic books on the market right now that my wallet is definitely feeling the proverbial squeeze, but buying and reading comics is a sacrifice I’m willing to make. What I’d like to do right now is give you all a peek at what heroic adventures this comic fanatic delves into week after week. By no means is this my complete pull list. There are many other guilty pleasures that I indulge in, but what you’re about read are the best of the best of my pull list.. I may not know a lot, but I know a damn good comic when I read one. Now without further delay I’m ready to do what I do best, talk comics. Who’s with me? 

All New X-Men

All New X-Men:

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

I just want to say that Brian Michael Bendis is the man. He’s writing multiple Marvel Now books and each one of them is pretty amazing, but All New X-Men has to be my favorite.  Just to preface my thoughts, I want to say that I’ve never been a huge fan of X-Men books. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of those loveable mutants, but there just hasn’t been a book that has caught my attention.  That is until now.

All New X-Men is a wonderfully written book that continues to throw one curveball after another and I feel there are big things coming. As many of you may know All New X-Men begins not long after the huge Marvel story arc Avengers vs. X-Men. With Scott Summers/Cyclops taking a dive off of the deep end and on the edge of beginning a civil war between humans and mutants, Beast travels back to the sixties and brings the original X-men to the present.  Now these idealistic youngsters get to see how their lives turn out and unfortunately it’s by no means a pretty picture.

What I love so much about this series is that Bendis is sort of re-imagining the X-men. While there hasn’t been a lot of mention of the toll these events are taking on the space-time continuum, I’m positive it can’t be good. Bendis does a marvelous job of taking the time to get to know each of these characters and finds a way to make them fresh. If you’re looking for an X-Men book to pick up and be blown away, then look no further.



Superior Spider-Man:

Writer: Dan Slott

If you’re familiar with my site then you know it’s no secret that I’m a huge Spider-Man fan and when Dan Slott thought it okay to kill off my favorite superhero, I wasn’t a happy camper. I won’t bore you with my bitterness (but if you’re curious you can read here) so I’ll just move on with my thoughts on this new book. 

I do have to say that the title is quite fitting for this book because Doc Ock really has made himself a Superior Spider-Man. He’s seemed to completely streamline being a superhero, he’s put multiple villains behind bars and has finally allowed himself a little time to just be Peter Parker. As much as I miss the real Peter Parker, I have certainly enjoyed this series so far and Dan Slott has continued to collect my money each an every month. And Sadly as much as I love the wall-crawler, this books falls short of one of my favorites and it’s hugely in part with some poor decision making. I feel Dan Slott took a pretty ballsy move by killing off an extremely beloved comic book character and one issue into Superior Spider-man it seems that he’s quickly back peddled.  I’m not saying that a part of me isn’t happy for what he’s done but he may have completely jumped the gun on this one.  Time will surely tell whether he’s made the right decisions.


Fanboys vs Zombies

Fanboys vs. Zombies:

Writer: Sam Humphries

I will tell you that I haven’t laughed this much with a book in a long time.  Fanboys vs. Zombies is Sam Humphries’ ultimate satire of the zombie genre and beyond. The story follows a group of friends known as The Wrecking Crew and while these boisterous nerds are attending the San Diego Comicon, a zombie apocalypse begins. Now this group of friends must use all of their knowledge to escape San Diego without becoming the undead’s lunch buffet.

This book has absolutely found a place in my nerdy heart. It’s such a fun book and a hilarious parody of everything.  Humphries has created tons of really memorable characters and each and everyone has their own distinct voices.  What also catches the eye are the covers. Each month the cover parodies a different movie. They’ve done everything from Harry Potter to Escape from New York and I giggle every time. I will say that the biggest thing that has piqued my interest is Humphries’ relationship with a certain bearded comic book creator, because one the main characters just happens to be a zombie aficionado and he’s definitely starting to be painted in a not so nice way.  Of course, this could just be playful jabs between friends. There’s just no way of knowing.

If you’re looking for a fun book about nerds fighting zombies, then this is the book for you. Humphries has a lot fun with his characters and loves to poke fun at all things nerdy. I can tell you with certainty that if you’re not picking this monthly book up, you’re missing out on something special.

Hoax Hunters

Hoax Hunters:

Writer: Michael Moreci and Steve Seeley

Here’s another comic series that is quickly gaining steam and with good reason. Moreci and Seeley have created a solid story with Hoax Hunters. It’s like all of the best parts of Men in Black and The X-Files mixed together, only better.

The story itself is about a quartet of government operatives sent out to hide the existence of mythical creatures by debunking the legends on their reality show, Hoax Hunters. Each member of the group has something special to bring to the table and each new mission brings them closer to discovering some old mysteries that end up hitting pretty close to home for the group’s leader.

Okay, I can’t tell a lie, because I did a terrible job at doing justice to Hoax Hunters. The overall mystery of the book has me enthralled and as a fan of monster movies, each individual story makes me giddy. Time and time again we’re given different versions of the same tired story. But Moreci and Seeley have given a fresh and invigorating twist on the monster genre and they continue to blow me away. Again, I feel that I’m not doing this book justice. All I ask is that if you’re only going to pick one time to listen to me, this is that time. You won’t be disappointed.




Writer: Tim Seeley

I know that I’ve sung many praises for this book, but I can’t help it. Revival is just that damn good. See, it’s so good damn good it’s gone and made me used the word damn. Okay, I quickly digress. What’s so great about this book is the slow burn style of story telling. Tim does a fantastic job at giving away just enough to whet your appetite and keep you wanting more.  Something else that really stands out about this book is the blending of genres. The book is equal parts mystery, horror, and Sci-Fi, without ever feeling over the top or cheesy.

I would feel terrible for not also mentioning Mike Norton’s art, because it’s fantastic. He brilliantly brings Seeley’s ideas to life in a very dark way. Revival has some pretty horrific parts weaved throughout and I think these scenes could easily move to either end of the spectrum, but Norton knocks it out of the park issue after issue; Seeley as well.

I’m not really sure what more I can say about this book to make you pick it up. This creative team has created a real gem and I’m unequivocally glad that I jumped on this train from the very beginning. All I can ask is that you please support this project and pick up Revival. I can say without a doubt that you will be blown away. 


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