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I don’t know about you, but I’m not a huge fan of prequels, especially when it comes to horror movies. My personal philosophy is that the monsters and villains in horror movies are more frightening when they have no motive. You have no way of knowing when or who these creatures are going to attack, but I have to say I’m torn. A&E has been trying to get into the scripted television game with the show Bates Motel. The show takes a look back at the origins of everyone’s favorite psychotic mama’s boy, Norman Bates. The reason that I’m torn is because after watching the trailer (attached below) I’m actually intrigued, largely in part by the talent connected to the project. Freddie Highmore is the titular Norman Bates and he couldn’t look any creepier. Apparently this is what happens when you hang out with Willy Wonka too long. From the looks of the preview, Highmore perfectly pulls off the shy, puppy dog facade to hide the psychopath lying dormant underneath. Vera Farmiga is going to be playing a much livelier version of Norman’s mother, Norma Louise. Farmiga is fantastic in every role and she’s the kind of actress that really immerses herself into her roles. One of the things that I’m most eager to see is whether or not Norman’s mom was a crazy as himself. One of the things that sets this prequel apart though is having it set in present day. It seems more like the show runners are trying more to re-imagine the character than just tell a flimsy backstory. I’m definitely going to be warming up my DVR for this show. 

What do you all think? Will this show be a dud or a winner? Take a peak at the trailer below and then sound off in the comments with your thoughts. 

– Joe D. 


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