What a Twist!


I think it’s quite interesting how a name alone can sell a movie. It almost doesn’t matter what Steven Spielberg touches, it turns into Hollywood Gold just from his name being plastered on the poster. I don’t want it to sound like the man doesn’t make quality stuff because good old Stevie has brought some of the most memorable Hollywood films to life. I’m just saying that he could make a movie about the formation of mud and as long as his name was stamped at the top of the poster, people would fork over the dough for the ticket.

With the recent release of Will Smith’s latest cinematic endeavor After Earth, I was shocked to find out the director behind this Sci-Fi opera is none other than M. Night “What a twist” Shyamalan. After his last couple of stinkers (those that shall not be named) I’m not surprised that his name would be down played, but that complete lack thereof is a little sad. I can remember way back when, when the Sixth Sense made its debut. He did such a spectacular job at dangling every clue he could in front of our faces and yet still no one could have ever guessed that ending.

After his follow up Unbreakable (one of my favorite movies) it seemed that Hollywood had its new golden boy and M. Night could do no wrong. The quality of actors only continued to improve and Shyamalan’s name alone was reason enough to go to the movies. I remember seeing the poster for Signs pop up in theatres and getting giddy with excitement for that August release date. This may have been a respectable film but the trademark twist really lacked the same punch as his previous two outings. That was probably the beginning of his career nose dive. The Village was lame, Lady in the Water, while enjoyable, still fell way under the bar and don’t even get me started on the crap-fest that was The Happening. An hour and a half of Mark Wahlberg looking confused made me hate everyone around me. Yes, I know that Shyamalamadingdong did a movie after The Happening but it’s not even worth mentioning.

Who knows, maybe riding Will Smith’s coat tails is the perfect way to pull the ultimate twist. Movie goers will make their way into Will Smith’s summer blockbuster After Earth, possibly enjoy themselves and then after the credits roll, M. Night Shyamalan appears to taunt all of the neigh sayers, “How about that twist, bitches?” Okay, probably not, but it would be funny anyway.

So, what do you fellow nerds think? Could this be Shyamalan’s comeback? Is it smart for him to leave his name off the poster and trailer or is do you think it’s the will of the powers that be? We shall see. Yes, we shall see.

– Joe D.


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