Undeclared: Ron vs Sam

When evil rises and the world’s very existence is threatened one person spits in the face of adversity and stands against tyranny. We all put heroes up on a pedestal but we continually forget that behind every chiseled hero is a less-chiseled sidekick that provides support and comic relief and they’re just as important as the hero. Would Sherlock really be the plucky misunderstood hero without Watson?  Would Han be as cool without Chewie? Would anyone be able to understand Scooby without the higher-than-a-kite Shaggy? The answer is most no. So, to celebrate these underappreciated sideki…hero supporters – they don’t like being called sidekicks – I’m going to pit two of the greatest hero supporters that this or any world has ever seen. Ronald Weasley and Samwise Gamgee will meet in the ring of death; two will go in but only one will come out. It’s incompetent wizard versus pudgy hobbit; so, you must decide who will cast the ultimate spell and toss the other into the very core of Mount Doom. The bell has rung and it’s time for the eternal nerd debate to begin. It’s time for Undeclared.

Ron Weasley

 Ron Weasley


  • Loyal to his best friend.
  • Ends up with the girl of his dream
  • Makes Harry look better by comparison
  • He’s a ginger! Enough said.


  • Can’t cast a spell correctly
  • Has poor choice in formal wear
  • Terrible driver
  • Extremely whiney

Samwise Gamgee

 Samwise the Brave


  • Makes a mean stew
  • Loyal to Frodo
  • Has the strength of two hobbits
  • Casts a scary shadow


  • Least stealthy eavesdropper
  • Can only make a stew
  • Glandular disorder. Dude walks for a couple of months and doesn’t shed a pound.
  • Can’t swim worth a damn
  • Didn’t think of just flying an eagle into Mordor. I mean come on, that would’ve saved a lot of time.

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