Kevin Smith Announces his Retirement with Clerks III

Kevin Smith

Holy super awesome news, Batman! The news I’m about to share with all of you has me extremely excited and is only fitting to be announced after my last post Nerd on Nerd: A Kevin Smith Retrospective. You read that right? Anyway, Kevin Smith as just announced via twitter that due to some major changes with his script Hit Somebody,  Smith’s last film will be Clerks III. Unable to make the script work into one film, Smith decided to make the Hit Somebody a mini-series; leaving Smith without a final film, so voila, Clerks III.  I personally see no fitter ending to Smith’s impressive – minus Cop Out – filmmaking career. It’s actually quite poetic the way that he’s come full circle. All I can say is that I hope that Jeff Anderson, the aforementioned unsigned star will grace the big screen with his presence one last time.

The real question is what Clerks III will be about. Considering each film has visited these characters during their 20’s and 30’s, it’s only fitting to show those lovable clerks kicking their 40’s right square in the nuts. I wonder just how Randal feels about Lucas retirement and Disney’s subsequent purchase of Randal’s most beloved movie franchise. Only time will tell, but what I can say is that my sleeping bag and tent are packed up and raring to go. Who’s with me?

– Joe D.


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