The Walking Dead: Made to Suffer

Well, it has finally come and gone. The mid-season finale of The Walking Dead was a fantastic episode and while I felt a slight tinge of disappointment, the episode still left me needing more and cursing the gods that February is still so far away.  REMINDER: There are SPOILERS.  If you haven’t seen this week’s episode avoid this article like the impending zombie plague.

 E8 - Made to Suffer

“Made to Suffer” was a fantastic episode and added a few nice touches to make the comic readers giddy with joy. So many places to begin; Michonne and the Governor finally squared off, Merle and Daryl were brought back together, Tyreese finally made the leap from the written page and Rick saved Glenn and Maggie. This episode was the perfect payoff to last week’s set-up.

I’ll start with Tyreese making his way on the show. I’ve been disappointed for a while that Tyreese’s character was left out of the show (until now). He was probably my favorite character and a pretty vital one at that. He quickly became Rick’s number two and for a while speculations have been made that Daryl was the replacement for Tyreese. Thank heaven that’s not the case. What interests and worries me now is whether or not Tyreese’s appearance won’t bode well for Daryl. The comic fans should recall how Tyreese met his end in the books, so could this mean that with Daryl being captured by the Governor will he meet his end? I want to say that Daryl’s popularity may keep him safe but if history has taught us anything popularity has never been the saving grace for anyone in the series.

The Rick and company’s rescue mission really kept me on the edge of my seat and as I said before, was the perfect payoff to last week’s episode. It was really cool to really see how they can work as a unit. Even Oscar seemed to be starting to gel with the group. Unfortunately for him when one black man rises another must fall. The biggest thing that bugged me was Daryl’s flipping like a switch at the news of his brother being alive. Granted Merle is Daryl’s blood, but last season’s episode led us to believe that Daryl hated his brother, but he was so quick to want a family reunion. It made me happy that he made his group’s escape top priority, but to give himself up to the Governor’s men was not smart. I know what you’re thinking and I know we didn’t see him get captured, but Daryl is one smart and resourceful guy, so I have a hard time believing he didn’t just let himself be taken in hopes of talking to Merle. Unfortunately, I felt a little underwhelmed with the brother’s reunion. From the moment Merle was brought back everyone knew that they would meet again, and while their predicament is tricky one it just didn’t wow me like last season. AMC also killed the suspense big time with the previews of the second half of season. Now we all know that the Dixon brothers make it out alive of the town, so suspense has been murdered. Thanks again AMC.

My favorite part of the episode is probably the one that let me down just as much; Michonne and the Governor’s showdown. In the book Michonne had some strong motivation to want to risk her life to get to the Governor. I mean the man did some pretty mess up stuff, but the worst that he did in the show was send a couple of guys to kill her. Something like that may make anyone a little annoyed but with being believed dead she could’ve just gotten Rick in and out of Woodbury and been on her way. What was her real motivation for going after the Governor beyond the fact that it happened in the book? The other thing that bothered me was why Michonne didn’t throw little Penny into the Governor and let her go to town. Hell, with Penny serving as a distraction, Michonne could’ve easily sliced and diced them both, but what do I know after all. It was a lot of fun to finally see the Governor take on a signature fashion accessory as his comic counterpart. The eye patch really brought out the color in his eye and goes great with his glock.

As for Andrea, well, I’ve completely given up on her character. I’m not even sure whether there is anything that could redeem herself at this point. I mean come on, your boy friend keeps his walker daughter in a closet and wall full of zombie heads and you’re okay with that? You have to be the biggest idiot in the world. I bet Dale is rolling in his grave right now, just saying.

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