Undeclared: Mal vs Han

Welcome my fellow readers, too much time has past since I’ve made a post to the page and I’m just devastated that you’ve been deprived of my presence. Seriously, I’m choked up; tears even. So, to rectify my blatant disregard for your nerdy entertainment I have cooked up a doozy for the latest Undeclared. I have decided to pit two of the greatest anti-heroes against one another; Captain Malcolm “Mal” Reynolds and Captain Han Solo. In any other situation I think these two captains may throw a couple back and swap smuggling tips, but this isn’t any other situation. Today these two leaders must go toe-to-toe and head-to-head to declare themselves the ultimate captain. Hopefully after today we nerds will have a new conundrum to forever debate about, who would shoot first, Han or Mal?

Without further blabbering by yours truly I now put this in all of your capable hands. Who would you side with? Which of these intergalactic cowboys has the faster draw? Only you can decide for certain. Let the fisticuffs come off and let the eternal nerd debate rage on. Remember to give your reasoning in the comment section because anyone can click a button but only a true nerd can construct a five page dissertation on anything and everything.

Han Solo



  • Loyal to his friends
  • Believes in free choice
  • Has a loyal, albeit hairy first mate
  • Master of disguise
  • Crack shot


  • Strong attachment to monetary possessions
  • Sometimes a bit too self-absorbed
  • Wookie hair all over the Falcon
  • Easily distracted by a cute face and buns

Mal Reynolds



  • Loyal to his crew
  • Unique talent for hilarious zingers
  • Has a full loyal crew to back him up
  • Master of disguise
  • Believes that the universe should be a free one
  • Also a crack shot


  • Often blinded by members of the opposite sex
  • Disguise choices are often a little too feminine
  • Sometimes also a little too self-absorbed
  • Unhealthy attachment to his ship

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