Horror Hound Weekend: The Night She Came Home

As a nerd I’m a lover of many things ranging from classic ninety cartoons to guilty pleasure movies, but this nerd’s favorite thing to indulge in has to be horror movies. For as long as I can remember I would torture my young psyche with repeat viewings of A Nightmare on Elm Street, Child’s Play or my absolute favorite, Halloween. So, I’m sure you can only imagine how excited I was when I saw that Horror Hound Weekend – a continually awesome horror convention – had snagged the biggest celebrity guest to date, Jamie Lee Curtis. Yeah, you heard me right, Laurie Strode herself was going to be making her way to Indianapolis for her first – and last – convention appearance. I knew there was no way that I was going to pass up this opportunity and praise be to (insert deity of belief here) that I have a wife that allowed me to attend the convention.

Of course the icing on the proverbial horror cake was the many familiar faces from the Halloween franchise that the Horror Hound group were able to wrangle. Nick Castle, one of the many faces to don the Meyers mask made a rare appearance at the show along with fellow Michael Meyers Tommy Lee Wallace, Brad Loree, Dick Warlock, Will Sandin and Chris Durand. There were also plenty of other very cordial actors from the franchise that were awesome to meet.

Due to personal funds or a lack there of, child care and my son’s birthday party – I know, my priorities are all messed up – I wasn’t able to attend all three days of the convention but what I was able to do in my short amount of time was create lasting memories and begin one of my favorite pieces of movie memorabilia in my collection.

After spending a brutal twenty minutes standing in the will call line to get my wrist band, I was unleashed upon the plethora of macabre goodies around the convention. As I walked into the main hall I could see The Shape himself Nick Castle sitting at his table greeting his fans with the rest of the actors lined up next to him. I started with Will Sandin, the first Michael Meyers and after a small confusion over personalization he christened my poster and after snagging Nick Castle and Tommy Lee Wallace my wait for Jamie Lee began.

When I entered the monstrous ball room and saw Jamie Lee joyfully interacting with her fans, school-girl giddiness washed over me.  To say the least, I was elated to see that Jamie Lee was extremely down to earth and able to poke fun at herself. I’m not really sure what was funnier; her boisterous declarations of Activia, my new favorite catch phrase, “Frickin France,” or the playful debate between Sean Clark and Jamie Lee over what Laurie Strode really said in Halloween. I still stay say she said, “It was the Boogeyman.” But, that’s not the important part.

The most important part of this weekend is the memories that I created. I was able to meet a lot of really great, down to earth people who brought some of the most iconic movies to life and see Halloween passed down to a new generation of horror fans.  I guess all I really have to say at the end of it is thank you. Thank you to Sean Clark and Nathan Hanneman for making this weekend possible. You made hundreds of people the happiest horror fans in the world. My biggest thank you has to go to Jamie Lee. I’m not sure if this will ever find your peepers, but if for some crazy reason it does (or doesn’t) I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. You were one of the kindest, funniest and caring celebrities I’ve ever met. I feel some people lose sight of the fact that without their fans they would have no job. You on the other hand embraced each and every one of us and for the millionth time, thank you.

All I can say now is bring on March!

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Awww, memories!


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