The Walking Dead: Say the Word

Sunday is my new favorite day of the week because that means a new Walking Dead is available for my viewing pleasure and last night’s episode was particularly delectable. We were given a further glimpse into the psyche of The Governor, Rick flew far over the cuckoo’s nest and the Kool-aid has finally worn off of Andrea.    REMINDER: There are SPOILERS.  If you haven’t seen this week’s episode avoid this article like the impending zombie plague.

“Say the Word” was another fantastic episode of The Walking Dead and gave viewers a definite breather from last week’s cut throat episode. Don’t let my words fool you because last night’s episode may have slowed the pace, but it still had plenty of moments that would leave you breathless. My absolute favorite part of this episode had to be the touching opening scene between father and undead daughter. I’m an avid reader of the book, so all of the little touches from the book have been fantastic and the Governor’s daughter was the one that I was most excited about. The opening scene where he’s brushing her hair and a piece of her scalp falls off was extremely creepy and only exacerbated by the fact that the Governor kisses her through the burlap sack placed over her head. This moment right here has given us the best glimpse at the Governor’s dementedness.

Another great homage to the book is the gladiator style fights that the townspeople gather to watch this was a great moment to distract from the nose dive that Andrea’s I.Q. is taking. The gladiator fight finally gave her a glimpse of what the town is really like. I’m happy to see that the Kool-aid Andrea has been drinking has finally worn off; it’s just unfortunate she already chased off her partner in crime Michonne, who by the way is become more and more amazing as the season progresses. We’ve gotten a few glimpses of her with her sword, but it was chilling to see her dispatch the entrapped zombies with ease. I can’t wait to for her to throw down with the Governor and finally join the ranks of Rick’s group.

Speaking of Rick, he was probably the scariest character of the episode. To see him go completely catatonic at the beginning of the episode was sad and when he finally got up and grabbed that axe I got chills. I know I get chills a lot but this show is just that awesome or my heat isn’t working properly… either way Rick was haunting this week. The way he walked through the prison and filleted some walkers was downright fantastic. I thought his silence through the entire episode was spot on and made the final scene where he picks up the phone and says hello all the more fantastic. Who is on the other line you ask? I won’t say due to the risk of spoiling it for a non-comic reader, but let’s just say it’s not Carrot Top telling Rick about dialing down the middle.

Something else that was interesting to see was how Daryl stepped up and took command of the group. Up until this point he’s been Rick’s number two, but he’s been quiet and executed his orders. This week finally showed what he was made of and makes me a little nervous. With the death of Lori and T-Dog showing us that anyone can be dispatched at any time, does Daryl stepping up mean Rick could just as easily be replaced? Something else to think about is that depending on how close the show runners stick to the books once Michonne joins Rick’s group she sort of becomes Rick’s number two in command; could this spell doom for either Daryl or Michonne or as I said before, maybe new leadership in the group all together. I guess only time will tell.

This was another fantastic episode and I continue to be highly impressed with this show. It’s so much fun to see how every character has changed so much since the beginning of the show and I for one can’t wait to see how much they’ll continue to change.-J

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-Joe D.


2 responses to “The Walking Dead: Say the Word

  1. I absolutely agree on Rick having been the scariest. He was borderline looking/ sounding like the undead himself. Seeing him roll through the changes of immediate grief, the crazed despair and back to grief when he found the bloated zombie and stabbed it. It wa pretty difficult to watch and not get emotionally pulled in.

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