Undeclared: Rick vs The Governor

The time has come to add something new to this nerd’s repertoire. I got the idea for this segment from a good friend, avid reader and fellow nerdy lover of all. When I was stuck on what to give my readers he asked me one simple question, “What do nerds like to do?” Talk, debate and well, be nerdy. We will always argue over whether Han or Greedo shot first or which Bond reigns supreme. It’s in our nature to dissect every little detail to dig deeper into these worlds than the filmmakers do themselves. That’s what Undeclared will give us a chance to do. Every week I’m going to pit two things against each other in an all out battle and I want you the readers to tell me who should win. The beauty of this is that there is no true winner. The debate will always rage on and our ability to nerd out will never cease. Below will be a poll to cast your vote but no lazy nerds. I want to hear you sound off in the comments why you chose the way you did. Please, try to stay civil, because we’re nerds not savages and remember the one rule, that there are no rules! So, lace those nerd gloves up and let’s get ready to rumble.

Welcome boys and girls to the first installment of Undeclared. Since The Walking Dead is the hot commodity at the moment and yours truly is a huge fan of the show and books, I thought it was only fitting that this first segment be Walking Dead themed. Below you will find our first duelers. We first have the middle weight champion of the post apocalyptic prison, weighing in at a whopping 185 zombie skewering pounds, Mr. Rick “Stabbed his best friend for sleeping with his wife, even though she believed her husband to be dead” Grimes and in our other corner, the naughty but nice, but really naughty leader of the town of Woodbury The “can’t find anything better to watch on television except fish tanks filled with zombie heads” Governor.  Who would win between these two crazy, zombie killing powerhouses if they were ever to collide? So, who would win, Rick or the Governor?



  • Good with a gun
  • Loyalty of his group
  • Bad ass beard
  • Really big machete


  • Blinded by his love for his family
  • Unable to tell when his best friend has slept with his wife
  • Leadership abilities questioned by group
  • Lacks common sense that shooting a gun in a tank is a bad idea

The Governor


  • Leader of a whole town
  • Excellent marksman
  • Powers of persuasion
  • Welcoming façade that misrepresents his true psychotic nature


  • Made an enemy of Merle
  • No bad ass beard
  • Terrible choice in television programming

3 responses to “Undeclared: Rick vs The Governor

  1. Rick, hands down (no pun intended).

    First off, as we’ll find out on Sunday, The Governor is not without his family hang ups. There is, after all, the issue of Penny Blake, his former niece and now “daughter” who was shot by bandits many months ago, died, resurrected as a walker, and kept and fed by “Phillip” after his brother died. This was explicitly written about most recently in the novel, “Road to Woodbury” and is something that makes him far less stable than Rick, in my opinion, because Rick would’ve already put a round from his .357 Colt Python into her head.

    There’s also the issue of sanity. While you can make the case that going from sniveling wimp to ballsy dictator by simply taking his brother’s persona is quite a step off the sane bus, Rick’s spiral is far darker and deeper because he spent a year keeping his wife alive, only to have what is most likely Shane’s baby shuffle her off the mortal coil through childbirth. He’s made a steady change from moral cop to cutthroat group leader, and while he still will make questionable group decisions, he’s not without the full respect of his group. Where he leads by will and determination, Blake leads by fear and intimidation – something that will get you killed eventually in a world where law and order are null and void.

    “I know. Of course I know. When I figured it out, and I figured it out pretty quickly, I wanted to break your jaw; let you choke on your teeth.” – Rick to Shane after admitting he knew about Lori’s affair with Shane. Rick knew, but found it better to leave it unsaid for the good of the group morale. As he said, it wasn’t weakness.

    The Governor is blinded by his own power. Grimes is blinded by rage right now, but still that’s better than having a God complex and believing your little walled in town to be indestructible. His overconfidence in Woodbury will be another point of failure.

    In the end, the Blake vs. Grimes showdown will come down to who is best built for adaptation to the new apocalyptic world they live. Rick has proved time and time again that no matter how shitty the situation, he can and will adapt to the situation around him.

    Rick Grimes wins, The Governor dies. Don’t be surprised if it’s Rick himself, and not Michonne, who puts an end to his reign as Woodbury’s leading man.

  2. The Governor will defeat him thru blunt force and emotion. Rick will get the kill shot but in the end he loses.

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