The Walking Dead: Killer Within

I’m not really sure what to say about last night’s episode “Killer Within.” It was so unbelievable sad and the show runners gave viewers a pretty harsh reminder that no one is safe in this show; absolutely no one.  REMINDER: There are SPOILERS.  If you haven’t seen this week’s episode avoid this article like the impending zombie plague.

“Killer Within” did a nice job at giving time share between Rick and Company and Woodbury. With as much as happened in the second half of the show I’ll start by talking about Andrea and Michonne. This episode only made me angrier with Andrea. I’m not sure if anyone else notices the hypocrisy in her character right now, but she asks for Michonne’s trust but doesn’t want to give any to Michonne. Andrea had really become one of my favorite characters but the last two weeks have left me less than thrilled. The two things in Woodbury that have me excited are the tension between the Governor and Michonne and The Governor and Merle. I love that Michonne isn’t fooled by the Governor’s lies and it was a lot of fun to see him dance around her doubts of what happened with the soldiers. Morrissey is able to be so collected and then unhinged at the drop of a hat. I’m really curious how faithful the show will be to Michonne and the Governor’s volatile – to put it nicely – relationship. That is probably one of the more brutal parts of the book series.

What I also found interesting was Merle’s character because in the two episodes he’s been in he’s continued to perplex me. At times he seems like his old self. He was ready to pounce on the Governor’s right hand man for calling Merle a name and he didn’t waste any time hitting on Andrea. What’ve really thrown me off though are the moments where he actually sympathized with Andrea about her sister’s death and there seemed to be some pretty good tension between Merle and the Governor during the scene on the wall. Merle didn’t seem too happy that his search for Daryl was rejected but I could sense some fear in Merle when the Governor got stern with him. To me, that shows just how intimidating a man the Governor is, even for a guy like Merle, but it also makes me wonder how Merle and Daryl’s reunion will actually go. Will Merle actually step up and protect his brother or will let him suffer at the Governor’s hand?

I was so happy to see more of Rick and company this past week, but it was definitely a bitter sweet feeling. These writers continue to send viewers through an emotional roller coaster and being that there only four episodes into the season, I can’t imagine what other emotional sucker punches they have hiding up their sleeves. I just want to start off by saying boo to the creators because I was just starting to like T-Dog especially after his character got the shaft a bit in the second season. He did get quite a heroic send off, unless Carol is dead too. Then his death was just sort of for nothing. The fact that the mysterious person going around the prison was that one prisoner was disappointing to a point. I think for the story it’s important because it’s going to add another level of guilt to Rick’s already massive load, but I was hoping for something more. In the book one of the prisoners turned out to be a serial killer. That was my hope for this mystery person because then there could’ve been a sort of murder mystery element added to the mix.

As it was the surviving prisoner did serve the purpose of bringing on one of the most tragic moments of the entire series and that was the death of Lori. While I haven’t been a big fan of the character since season two, I never wished her to die and especially not that way. Since they didn’t waste any time dispatching Lori after the birth of the baby, it definitely answers my question how they were going to pull it off. Fans of the book will know that Lori met a pretty gruesome death and she wasn’t the only one either.  Despite my dislike of Lori, when she tells her goodbyes to Carl before her C-section I couldn’t help but feel my lip quiver a bit. The acting was spot on and the look on Carl’s face after he shot his mother was eerie, not to mention Rick’s subsequent emotional break down. 

The Walking Dead continues to improve every week and in my opinion it is by and far the best drama on television today. If you aren’t watching this show I just don’t think we can be friends anymore. I’m sorry to say it so bluntly, but I can’t help how I feel.

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One response to “The Walking Dead: Killer Within

  1. I know this is quite late but I just discovered this through a WalkingDead twitter account and I love it!

    I do have to say, though, Merle tracking down Daryl makes me extremely nervous. Daryl has been a crucial, comforting and very strong part of the group. He struggled with just the hallucination of his brother turning him against the group and almost let. Whatever bond he has with Carol was slowly, and thankfully, able to bring him back post-dead Sophia. Now, don’t have a hallucination of Merle, but the real thing that isn’t gonna just fade off after making his opinion known. I’m worried he’s going to mentally screw his brother. Daryl is loyal to the group…. I think (could I be so attached to miss that he’s only really there for survival?) But will the struggle of ‘family first’ screw it all up and put Daryl back in that state of doubt and anger? I have a feeing Daryl would be just as distrustful of the Governer and their pleasantville set up as Michonne is, though.

    I agree with you on the point of Andrea, though, completely. The way she’d developed while on Hershel’s farm, I thought pairing up with Michonne they’d be two badass femme fatales! Now it just seems ones fatale while the other is letting out a whooole lotta’ femme. Who knows, maybe that will change- or maybe Andrea will just become a Merle-fatale when they find the group again.
    I don’t know much about their relationship in the books, haven’t gotten there just yet, only on volume 3.

    Great re-cap though. Can’t wait for this Sundays! Rumor is the opening scene will be something to remember.

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