The Walking Dead: Sick

After last night’s episode of the Walking Dead the only words I can muster aren’t appropriate for my younger readers, so I’ll just say that they rhyme with SHMOLY PUCK!   REMINDER: Spoilers are ahead!

‘Sick’ is the perfect title for last night’s episode because that’s just what it was. The episode picks up right where the premiere left off with Rick going all Paul Bunyan on Hershel’s leg and the discovery of survivors in the prison. After the group stabilized Hershel they introduced themselves to Tomas and his group. After some tough words the two agree to cohabitate the prison but both leaders have different plans.

If only Shane could see Rick now, because he’s no longer a warm, fuzzy leader, but a strong one. As soon as Tomas started giving orders to Rick I could see the target on his back. Rick stabbed his best friend in the chest, so there was no telling what he was going to do to someone he had no fuzzy feelings.  What the writer have done such a beautiful job so far is really progress Rick’s character. When the show first began, when push came to shove Rick could shove back, but it took a lot of shoving. That doesn’t seem to be the case any longer.

I’m sure everyone knew that Tomas was going to be a source of conflict for Rick, but I can’t say I knew how quickly Rick would nip it in the bud.  My jaw literally dropped when Rick dug that machete into Tomas’ head. Who can blame him? I wouldn’t be too happy about having a walker thrown on me either. After disposing of Tomas Rick subsequently chased Andrew, another prisoner to his death. The most interesting part was that I couldn’t tell if Rick still felt any remorse or not. It’s apparent that Rick realizes that he’s becoming someone that he really doesn’t want to be.  I also thought it was really nice that Rick and Lori shared such a tender moment together. A shoulder touch just goes such a long way these days.

‘Sick’ was another really solid episode from beginning to end. I was a little upset that we never got a glimpse of Andrea, Michonne or the Governor, but good things do come to those who wait. The sneak peek at next week’s episode shows some good things coming and apparently Andrea is going to have an old friend pop up soon. If you didn’t watch last night’s episode, shame on you!

 That’s all for now. Only six more days until episode three, so let the countdown begin. Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook and Twitter. All the cool kids are doing it. 

 – Joe D. 


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