The Walking Dead: Seed

Season 3 – Episode 1:

After months of patiently waiting, The Walking Dead has returned and I couldn’t be happier. This season bodes so many great things and if ‘Seed,’ the first episode is an indication on how this season is going to go then we’re all in for a treat. REMINDER: Spoilers Ahead

The episode picks up months after the season two finale and many people in the group seem very different. The group has become very efficient at searching for supplies and zombie slaying. Most look disheveled and worn, with one looking very, very pregnant now. Even Carl looks completely different and isn’t the helpless child when we last left him; he’s become quite the crack shot. The season premiere shows the group in action as they gather supplies in an abandoned house. The winter has given them a chance to work as a unit instead of everyone for themselves. It’s apparent that these people have become more like soldiers. The premiere perfectly shows how the group is constantly on the run because their rest in the house is interrupted by an onslaught of walkers, so the group has to quickly pack up and leave. The fact that the group is weary of running is going to make the prison seem that much more enticing.

As a fan boy, it was awesome to see the prison for the first time. The creators of the show do such a great job at recreating so much of the comic. I do find it a little funny that it took them around six or seven months to find it, but at least they found it. This also gives audiences another instance at how efficient this group has become. What I’m most intrigued about is Lori and Rick’s relationship because it’s made pretty apparent that Rick is harboring some hard feelings. Who knew your wife pushing you to kill your psychotic best friend would put a strain on a marriage? The cliff hanger was superb! I had to cringe when Rick decided to hack Hershel’s leg off after a bite from a walker. It appears that the creators have decided to replace Dale – who suffered the same fate in the books – with Hershel. Only time will tell whether or not cutting his leg off works.

Prison aside, fanboys had to be excited to finally see Michonne in action. I was giddy with fan boy delight when she skewered those walkers and then sliced their heads off. Even though Michonne and Andrea’s screen time was kept to a minimum their relationship was set up nicely. They’ve survived the winter together and as Andrea made it apparent, they’ve saved each other’s butts a time or two. 

‘Seed’was a great opening to the third season and definitely kept the momentum built up at the end of season two. All I can hope is to see Andrea and Michonne get some more screen time and I’m sure I won’t have to wait long.


 -Joe D.





3 responses to “The Walking Dead: Seed

  1. Great blog! If Michonne doesn’t get screen it will be terrible! What did you think of the darkness? I thought that added so much to the prison scenes. Check mine out for a “different” take on the first episode if you like!

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