1001 Movies: Intruders

I have to say that every journey has their bumps and I’ve hit my first. I just never expected the bump to come so early. Only thing I can hope is that some good things are in the cards for me or I may have to pull a Thelma and Louis.

3.) Intruders

I’m just really not sure what to say about Intruders. Actually that’s a lie, I know exactly what I want to say about this movie and it won’t be pretty. Clive Owen, where ever you are out there; I hope you got paid a good chunk of change for this movie because then at least something good came out of this experience.

The story is about a father (Clive Owen) and daughter (Ella Purnell) plagued by the same creature known as Hollowface. The story goes that Hollowface wanted so badly to be seen by people, so he hunted for the perfect face to steal for himself and he has Mia in his sights. Mia’s only hope to keep her face is the only other person who can see the creature; her father John (Clive Owen). Now, John must find out the secret behind this creature before he loses his daughter forever.

Please don’t let the description fool you. This movie may start off interesting but the not so clever twist will leave you scratching your head. Where this movie really falters is in the writing. The dual stories in the beginning confused me. The story of Hollowface said that he only wanted one perfect face to steal, so, why was he haunting two separate children? While this irked me I let it go for the hope that the ending would explain all. It did, but the ending was just anticlimactic that I hated myself for watching the rest of the movie. The twist ending itself was so bad that it made “The Happening” look brilliant.  The end reveals that the dual stories actually took place at different times. The young boy Juan is actually John and since he had experienced Hollowface as a child his daughter now does too.

Just wait, it get’s worst! Hollowface isn’t real. When John was a child his birth father tried to abduct him after his release from jail. During the fight the father fell to his death and to cover up the traumatic experience John’s mother told him it was Hollowface. So, everything that Mia and John are experiencing is in their minds. What could’ve have been a decent and creepy horror movie was turned into something completely moronic. I fell for the oldest trick in the book; the old bait and switch.

The acting was decent enough. Clive Owen and Ella Purnell are believable enough as father and daughter and I genuinely feared for both characters. Unfortunately they can only do so much to save this abysmal film. As I said before the writing is what really killed this film. After the ending I was just waiting for M. Night Shyamalama-ding-dong to pop up and say, “What a twist!”

Well, as mama always said, “you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.” I just have to take the good with the bad.  Don’t forget to click to the right to follow me on Facebook and Twitter.

– Joe D.


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