Walking Dead Countdown: #1 Moments

It’s here, it’s finally here. The season three premiere of The Walking Dead is only hours away and I feel like a fat kid in a candy store. I know I’ve already said this many times over the last few weeks, but I’m too excited to care. This season is going to be so freaking epic and I can’t wait to sit down and watch. To celebrate the premiere we’ve finally reached the end of my Walking Dead countdown. I hope you enjoy. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD. TURN BACK IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE SHOW OR READ THE BOOKS!

#1 Season 2 Finale (Ricktatorship, Prison and Michonne)

This may be a bit of a cheat but my number one moment is the season two finale. There were so many great parts throughout the season that were fantastic but in the final moments of the season two finale viewers were given sneak peeks at fan favorite Michonne, the prison and the beginning of the Ricktatorship.

My favorite moment of the finale has to be the beginning of the Ricktatorship – as it’s come to be known. Rick has finally become the leader necessary to survive in this new world and he’s made it abundantly clear that democracy is dead. Andrew Lincoln did a great job at making this moment creepy when it could’ve easily come off goofy. I just hope that this new way of leading doesn’t wane in the third season. What really helped bring this moment home was our first glimpse of the prison. I couldn’t help but cheer when I saw the dark ominous building in the distance. If you’re a reader of the comics then you may know what’s in store for our group during their stint in the prison. While the Ricktatorship and the peek at the prison nerd-tastic, I loved our first glimpse of Michonne. My heart raced when that shadowed figure stood with katana in hand and her zombies in tow. This show just keeps getting better and all I can hope is that it continues to do so.

#1 Rick Killing Jesse

I don’t think that a lot of people would call this moment their number one of the comic series, but I think there is a lot behind this moment to make it mine. Throughout the series we’ve seen how every decision has taken its toll on Rick. When the group were invited in to Monroe’s city everything seemed perfect. There was finally hope again, but like any good thing, it doesn’t last long enough.

What I loved about this part in the book was that Rick seemed to actually act like his old self. He had been designated as sheriff of the town, Carl was able to be a normal child and Jesse had been introduced as a love interest. This new place gave our survivors a chance to catch their breath, but not long. When the town is finally over run with the walkers the inhabitants decide to make a run for it. As they make their way to safety, walkers grab Jesse and her son. Jesse yells for Rick and grabs Carl for help. When Jesse won’t let go of Carl Rick goes a chopping. This moment shows the person that Rick really has become. He may have gotten a haircut and a shave in this new town, but he’s still the savage man that this new world has created. That’s why this moment is my number one moment in the comics…so far.

Thanks for reading and don’t miss out on the season three premiere tonight on AMC. This is the one show you aren’t going to want to miss tonight. Click here if you want to get caught up on the countdown before tonight and don’t forget to follow Nerd Says What? on Facebook and Twitter. You can also put your e-mail in to the right and get notices for new posts. May the nerd be with you!


–       Joe D.


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