TMNT: Turtle Temper

One week down and another episode of Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has come and passed and I can’t help but feel a little conflicted. Episode two, Turtle Temper, had its moments but overall felt too familiar to really grab my attention.

Turtle Temper sees the Turtles hot on the tails of the Krang. During a small scuffle with the verbally confused Krang, the Turtles are caught on camera by a lewd man – voiced by Lewis Black. Splinter sends the Turtles to retrieve the footage of them, but Raphael’s temper gets the best of him and ruins the mission. Now with a new threat rearing its ugly head, Raph must learn to control his anger if he wants to help his brothers.

I know that this show is geared towards the next generation, but I felt that this story arc is way too tired. It’s been done in the 90’s cartoon, and two out of the four movies. If this show is for a new generation then they need to try and blaze some new paths instead of retreading the same worn out ones. I would’ve been alright if this was a side point to the story but it took up the entire focus. Granted, I’m probably one of the few that were bothered by this, seeing as I still hold on to that childhood memory of the old Turtles.

I’m not ready to jump ship just yet, especially since previews show that the Shredder will be getting his first lengthy amount of screen time. All I can hope is that the creators decide to do some fresh stories and not just wrapping the old ones in a shiny new package.


-Joe D.


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