1001 Movies: Let Me In

Why hello there readers, I would like to introduce you to a new column that I’m starting called 1001 Movies. I must admit that I’m living a façade. I call myself a nerd and movie enthusiast, but there are so many movies that I’ve never taken the time to view, so now is the time to rectify this atrocity. I’m going to be taking a cue from the popular book A 1001 Movies to Watch Before You Die and well, it’s pretty self-explanatory from there. Since this column is beginning in the wonderful month of October, my eyes will be feasting on horror movies. To kick start this new column, I’m going to be talking about a pretty impressive and terrifying piece of filmmaking, Let Me In.

1.)    Let Me In:

For those of you that don’t know, Let Me In is the second adaptation of John Ajvide Lindgvist’s novel Let the Right One In and I’m a little upset with myself that I’ve waited so long to see this movie. Let Me In is probably one of the best horror movies I’ve seen in years and that’s thanks to Matt Reeves because he put his characters first and methodically chose his moments of horror instead of going for the cheap scares.

Let Me In is the story of Owen, a lonely young man tormented daily by some of his classmates and unfortunately his home offers no solace. Owen’s father is nowhere to be seen and his mother seems more preoccupied with the bottom of a wine bottle than her son. One night while hanging outside in his apartment’s courtyard, Owen meets his new neighbor Abby. The two instantly strike a friendship, but unbeknownst to Owen Abby has a dark secret. The closer that Abby and Owen become the further Owen is seduced by Abby’s world.

What I liked so much about this movie is that deep down it’s a love story more than anything else. Abby and Owen are both lonely souls and their sadness is what draws them to each other. I couldn’t help but sympathize for both characters because who hasn’t felt that way some point in their life? Kodi Smit-McPhee and Chloe Grace Moretz both gave power house performances. Smit-McPhee did such a great job at bringing innocence to Owen. All the kid wanted was to have a friend and yet he had to endure constant bullying. Moretz’s performance was simply amazing and she’s an extremely talented actress. I didn’t know whether to hug Abby or run for my life. Moretz is going to a have a long career and I think she is going to definitely give Sissy Spacek a run for her money in the Carrie remake.

Matt Reeves also deserves his fair share of the credit. He brought such a beautiful and creepy love story to the big screen and created one of the best horror movies of all time. He so perfectly chose his moments to scare his audience and left a lot to the imagination. I was on the edge of my seat when I was given my first glance of what Abby was capable. The way the whole scene was shadowed was brilliant because all you could see were silhouettes as predator took down her prey. One of the creepiest parts of the whole movie is when Owen finds the photo booth pictures of Abby and a young boy. It’s this moment that you realize the true connection between Abby and her ‘father’ and viewers realize what fate is in store for Owen.

Let Me In is a masterful movie and has definitely made its way into my top twenty horror movies of all time; maybe even top ten. If you’re a fan of slow burn horror movies and non-sparkly vampires, then this is the perfect movie for you.

Well, there’s one movie down and only a thousand to go. Stay tuned for my journey to watching a thousand and one movies and don’t forget to follow me on Facebook and Twitter.



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