Weekly Haul

Okay, another week down and that brings us another Weekly Haul. I’ve done my reading for the week and there are definitely some pretty great books available to buy. So, let’s sit right back and hear a tale; a tale of some awesome comics.


The Amazing Spider-Man #694-695

Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos

Since I’m a little behind I have two issues of ASM to knock out here. I have to say that the Alpha story arc was pretty disappointing and definitely disrupted the pace of the book. In the end there wasn’t any real confrontation between Spider-Man and Alpha. The kid just turned out to be a bit of a brat and a show-off, so after defeating an alien invasion, Spider-Man drains Alpha’s powers. I have a hard time believing that Slott would introduce this character so close to the landmark 700th issue without it being a vital piece to the puzzle, but that’s how it feels.  Overall I was very disappointed with this arc.

As for issue #695, it’s a huge improvement from #694 and this issue is definitely setting the stage for something big.  The web head has not one, but two Hobgoblins to deal with. To make matters worst Tiberius Stone from Horizon Labs – a King Pin’s crony – has created a machine to boost Spidey’s spider sense and it just goes to show that too much of a good thing isn’t so good. Of course, that’s the least of Spidey’s worries when the Hobgoblin just so happens to know Spidey’s greatest secret.

What I will say about this issue is that it stills moves at a pretty slow pace. The bulk of the story is about Madam Web’s visions of the future and Peter’s Spidey sense tingling too hard, but I think this is the right move. At this point we’re only five issues away from number 700. As of now, with the Marvel NOW ready to premiere next week, these are the final issues for The Amazing Spider-Man. I would be absolutely shocked if the title doesn’t continue under some new banner, but if not, Slott needs to send Spidey out with a bang.  If you’re an avid reader of ASM then don’t miss this issue or the next couple of weeks.



Grant Morrison and Darik Robertson

I think I just found my new favorite comic. It’s still early to tell for sure, but I think it may have happened. Grant Morrison’s Happy is the perfect start to a hard-boiled detective story with a little touch of acid trip thrown in for good measure. The story is about Nic Sax, a disgraced cop dead set on killing the dirt bags that ruined his life and took his family. After a confrontation leaves Nic wounded and helpless, he finds assistance from a pretty unbelievable ally, Happy, a blue miniature flying, donkey unicorn who just happens to be Nic’s daughter’s imaginary friend.

Grant Morrison has definitely knocked this out of the park and he’s given his audience something pretty original. Besides a pretty colorful conversation between Nic and a couple of hit men, the story starts off pretty generic. You have a disgraced cop trying to get revenge against the dirt bags who ruined his life. While this may seem too familiar, I believe that it’s a very smart set up. It really helps the fact that this man can see a flying blue donkey unicorn. All I can say is that since this is a mini-series Morrison is going to give us one hell of a story and it’s going to come full speed. If you miss out on Happy I must say that you’re a little cuckoo yourself.


Super Dinosaur #14

Robert Kirkman and Jason Howard

I’m sure it’s obvious from my previous reviews that I’m a fan of Kirkman’s Super Dinosaur. It’s a fun comic with tons of laughs and tons of action and that’s what is starting to bring down the book a bit. Issue fourteen still has Exile and Derek Dynamo trying to escape from Exile’s brother. After being unable to further convince his brother Exile takes Derek deeper into the Reptiloid city to meet up with the resistance. In the mean while, Super Dinosaur and his posse continue to tussle with some large dinosaurs during their search for Derek.

After reading this issue I felt as though I had just reread the last two or three issues of SD. I’m a huge fan of this book and of Kirkman’s writing, but it seems that he’s been hit with a little bit of writers block. This issue wasn’t terrible, just redundant. Even the jokes feel like rehashes. I really hope that this story arc wraps up in the next issue and we can get on with some of the other arcs that Kirkman has previously introduced. If you’re a an avid reader of this series I would say to pick up this issue but if you missed out on it I don’t think you’d be missing out.


Before Watchmen: Rorschach #2

Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo

The second Before Watchmen: Rorschach is pretty solid and humanizes Rorschach. After his pretty severe beating he took at the end of issue one, Rorschach/Walter is still pretty badly hurt, but a couple of contusions and a concussions aren’t going to get in the way of a little old fashion justice.

This issue picks up right where the first left off. As Walter sits dazed in the diner one of the waitresses tries to reach out to him and because of that Walter leaves without a word. As he’s walking on the street he comes across two of his attackers and decides to use them to send a pretty big message to their boss. Of course, nothing washes down revenge like a little breakfast, so Walter returns to the diner only to collapse from his wounds.

I’m such a huge fan of Brian Azzarello. He is a phenomenal writer and with the help of Lee Bermejo he has created some truly disturbing and deeply sad moments. The two that really stick out in my mind is when Walter drives a delivery truck into one of the gang members who attacked him. As the man lay trapped under some rubble a burning bottle rolls right into him, and engulfs him in flames. The artwork is disturbingly beautiful and made me cringe. Another part that stuck in my mind was when Walter wakes up in the hospital. As he’s walking out he sees the waitress from the diner at the nurse’s station asking for him. When she turns to look, Walter is gone.  This scene made me sympathize with Walter and for a second I wanted him to give up being a crime fighter and be happy. Probably not going to happen.

Well, boys and girls, make sure you make your way to your LCS and support some of these awesome books. If you don’t buy comics then the terrorists win. Don’t let those terrorists win. Don’t forget to follow me on twitter and Facebook or you can use your e-mail to receive tons of nerdy updates.


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