Once Upon a Time: Broken

It’s here. Magic has finally come to Storybrook, but as with everything, magic comes with a price. After the stellar cliff hanger at the end of season one, Once Upon a Time has returned and if the premiere is any indication of the quality of this sophomore year, then audiences are in for a real treat.

In the season opener “Broken” the curse has been broken and all of the fairy tale characters have regained their memories, but a new danger is lurking.  Furious over their curse, most of the town goes on a hunt for Regina and it’s up Emma, Snow and Charming to reluctantly keep her safe. Unfortunately for the trio, Rumple has conjured something dark and unstoppable to kill Regina. Of course, not everything goes according to plan and Emma and Snow end up in a pretty unlikely place.

Once Upon a Time is a fantastic show and the writers continued to impress. Through the entire first season I was glued to the T.V., but I was still skeptical of the show. What do they do once the curse is broken? To me I couldn’t see past this point and shame on me for doubting. I think it’s pretty brilliant that the characters are stuck in our world with their memories back. I also really liked the fact that magic may have come to Storybrook, but not as expected.

The acting in this episode was definitely up to par. I especially like Ginnifer Goodwin and Jennifer Morrison. I think there is going to be some great conflict between the two characters. My only hope is that it doesn’t take all season to resolve the conflict between Emma and Snow. Robert Carlyle is again magnificent as Mr. Gold/ Rumplestiltskin and I can already tell that there will be a lot of depth added to his character. It was also exciting to see the creators add some new characters to the mix.

The premiere of Once Upon a Time was great start to a fantastic show and I hope that the quality just keeps getting better from here. 


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