Walking Dead Countdown: #4 Moments

Okay my fellow comic nerds and T.V. junkies, I’ve let you down. Sunday has come and passed us by ever so quickly and I didn’t post this week’s Walking Dead moments. I hold my head down, shameful of my lazy actions. The good news is that self-loathing aside, The Walking Dead premiere is less than four weeks away and this nerd is teeming with excitement. In just a few weeks we’ll see what curveballs the writers have planned for us viewers and we’ll finally get to see Michonne in action. So, let’s let bygones be bygones and continue this countdown, shall we? As always I warn you; SPOILERS INSIDE, DO NOT OPEN. 

#4 Lori Pitting Rick versus Shane

My number four pick from the show proves that nothing good can come from losing your husband, shacking up with his potential homicidal best friend, getting your supposedly dead husband back and then breaking it off with said homicidal booty call. Someone always ends up getting stabbed and becoming a zombie. Okay, maybe not in all cases but certainly in the case of Rick, Lori and Shane’s little post apocalyptic love triangle.

There were a lot of moments where I felt that Lori was very wishy-washy about her feeling for these two men. Granted, she loved her husband and I don’t know if you can technically blame her for being ‘unfaithful’ considered she was told that her husband was dead, but she couldn’t help but lead Shane on a little. I think one of the most intense moments of season two and the beginning of the end for Rick and Shane’s friendship was Rick and Lori in the tent. She told Rick that Shane was willing to kill for what was his and he believed that Lori and Carl were his. The look in Rick’s eyes was chilling and you could tell that he knew what had to be done.

#4 Dale’s Death

I don’t know what Robert Kirkman has against Dale, but that poor fictional bastard can’t catch a break.  He’s the survivor of the zombie apocalypse, lost man of his friends, lost a child, bitten by a walker and partially ingested by a group of cannibals. Talk about kicking a man in the family jewels when he’s down.

I think why this moment ranks so high on my list and a spot higher than the death of his television counterpart is because this moment was the catalyst for Dale’s breaking point. Just like the show, Dale was the voice of reason for the group, but each new tragedy took its toll and wore him down. There was a scene not long before Dale was bitten and then kidnapped by said cannibals that Dale snapped at Rick because of a joke made. Before that moment Rick and Dale were extremely close but Dale just couldn’t take it anymore.  The crippling weight of this new world had become too much to bare and then suffering a bite from a walker was devastating. I was really sad to see this character go in the books more than I was in the show.

Well, I hope that by now you’ve come to forgive my delay in posting this week’s moments until now. With Vader as a my witness, I do solemnly swear to have my posts up on time from now on. Remember if you’ve missed past moments click here to catch up before the season premiere in a few weeks and as always, I would love to hear your favorite Walking Dead moments in the comments below. As always, may the nerd be with you!


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