Walking Dead Countdown: #5 Moments

It’s Sunday, so you know what that means! The season premiere of The Walking Dead draws ever closer and my countdown moves on to my number five picks. I just want to take this time to once again warn my readers that SPOILERS are ahead. If you haven’t seen the first or second season of the show or read the books – you should be ashamed if you haven’t – then steer clear of the next moments. If you have seen the show and read the book then please proceed.

#5 Dale’s Death

 Dale’s death was a huge moment for the second season and came a lot sooner than his comic book counterpart. Why his death was so important is because he was the conscience for the group. Dale was the one that tried to be the voice of reason, Rick’s Jiminy Cricket if you will and when he died that all went out the window.

This moment also showed how each person is vital to the group and losing someone could start a dangerous domino affect. By the end of season two Shane was on the edge and wasn’t the same person. He became more ruthless and jealous of everything that Rick had, so there was no telling what he was capable. I think without Dale, Rick would have become the same way a lot sooner.  Dale was also a father figure to not only Andrea but Glen as well, so when he died that also changed both of those characters.

Without Dale, Rick has already begun sliding down a slippery slope and it will be interesting to see if maybe Hershel will take Dale’s place. Hopefully he can help keep Rick from going too far.

 #5 Rick Talking to Lori on the Phone

 My number five pick for The Walking Dead comic is a sad but significant moment. When Rick lost Lori and their baby in the prison massacre it seemed like it didn’t faze him. He just kept moving and did what he could to forget, but when he first received the ‘call’ from Lori it was apparent Rick had hit his breaking point.

 Why I chose this moment was because it showed Rick’s vulnerability. Up until this point it seemed that if someone died the group just moved on and never looked back. It was necessary to keep one’s sanity or so it seemed. I felt so sad for Rick when I read this part. He was finally able to slow down and the realization of what he had lost sank in. This also showed that this new world could even break the strongest of people. What I also liked about this moment is that it was recurring throughout the story and just when readers believed that Rick was all right the phone reminded us that Rick’s sanity was only skin deep.

Well, that concludes my this week’s moments. Don’t forget to click here to see last week’s moments and remember to help spread the good word of the nerd.

– Joe D.


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