Walking Dead Countdown: #6 Moments

Welcome back all of you Walking Dead fans. We’re slowly chipping away a week at a time and coming ever so closer to the season three premiere. Each week I get more excited and I’ve already started re-watching the first two seasons in preparation. This week are two pretty monumental moments and they’re huge turning points for two big characters. I will warn you that if you haven’t seen the first two seasons or read the books, then two big SPOILERS are ahead.

#6 Shane Killing Otis

 Shane killing Otis was probably one of the biggest moments of the second season and is perfect to round out the bottom five. This moment was a huge turning point for Shane. Up until this moment Shane was a good guy, he was still loyal to Rick and would do anything he could to help protect the group, but once he killed Otis the old Shane was no more. He gave up the old ideals and realized that the world has become man-eat-man world and only the strongest survive.

So far through the first season and some of the second viewers could definitely feel the animosity growing between Rick and Shane, but when push came to shove, the group could count on Shane. He had Rick’s back and tried as hard as he could to muffle his feelings for Laurie and Carl, but him killing Otis changed everything. At this moment Shane decided to look after numero uno and he wouldn’t have any qualms about taking what he wanted, when he wanted.


#6 Carl Killing Ben

 My number six pick for the Walking Dead comic is the perfect companion for my number six pick for the show. This moment is a huge for Carl and is definitely a major turning point for him. It showed readers that Carl no longer thought like a child and was turning into a harsh product of this new world.

After Ben, a young boy of the group, killed his twin brother no one in the group could decide what to do with him. Half of the group voted to kill the boy because there is no way he could be trusted anymore and the other half, appalled by this notion, voted to keep the child alive. This is when Carl decides to take matters into his own hands and kill the boy himself. He knew that his dad wouldn’t be able to carry out the decision of executing the boy, so he made it for him.

As horrifying as this moment was it was still such an important one. Up until this point in the book Carl was still very much a child. He didn’t understand why these horrible things were happening and there was no way he could survive on his own. But it was in this moment that Carl took a step towards adult hood because he could finally understand what had decisions needed to be made and carry them out him self.


Once again I want to thank you for taking the time to share in my nerdiness. Don’t forget to click here to see last week’s number seven moment and don’t forget to tune in next week; same nerd time, same nerd channel.

–  Joe D. 


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