Walking Dead Countdown: #7 Moments

For a few weeks now I’ve attempted to open each new post with some sort of funny parody of a popular television theme song to go along with the zombie apocalypse and I’m sure everyone is ready to smack me. So, this week there will be no parody, but I will warm up my audience with a joke. Okay, okay, what did one zombie say to the other zombie as they ate the comedian? Does this taste funny to you? (Crickets) All right, let’s just move on shall we?

#7 Andrea Redefining Herself

This week on my Walking Dead countdown is one of my favorite moments because it involves Andrea. She is probably one of the most dynamic characters on the show and she finally came into her own in season two. It was so much fun watching her character as she redefined herself and that’s why she’s been added to the list.

For the most part it seems survivors of the zombie apocalypse go down two roads; borderline psychopath or someone who desperately tries to hold on to the old ways. Why I think Andrea becomes such a fun character is because she seems to find a middle ground between the two. Until Amy’s death, her and Andrea seemed to be in disbelief of the danger they faced every day and just continued on living. Then after that fateful night, Andrea completely shut down. Her veil she wore to hide herself from the horror was yanked from her face and it left her vulnerable.

What I liked so much about this character is that after getting completely torn down, Andrea decided to rebuild herself. She would never again feel vulnerable or need to be watched after. By no means did Andrea become a cold-blooded killer, but she did realize that the world wasn’t how it was before. In this new world tough decisions had to be made and when push comes to shove, Andrea will be doing the shoving. She’s the perfect example of girl power.


#7 Eugene Lies about Washington

Eugene’s lie about Washington D. C. was a pretty significant deal in the book. When he told everyone that there was a safe zone away from the walkers and people working on a cure, he gave the other survivors something extremely dangerous…hope.

 Why I think this moment deserves its spot on the countdown is because of what it stands for. Eugene’s lie about Washington was the first glimmer of hope for Abraham’s group and once again gave it to Rick’s group. So, when they all found out about Eugene’s rouse they were devastated. This lie gave these survivors the most dangerous thing of all…hope. Everyone in the group had hope that the nightmare they were living day after day could possibly end and each and every one of them were willing to kill to hold on to this hope. Abraham is the perfect example. He believed in this lie so much that he was willing to remove any threat or put himself in harms way for the hope of a happy ending.

 That’s why it was such a big deal when the group found out the truth. All chances for their happily ever after were taken away and the realization that salvation from this hell on earth was only a dream. 


Thanks again for the support and if you missed that last three weeks don’t worry. Click here to catch yourself up. 

– Joe D .


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