Weekly Haul

It’s that time again my nerd brethren; that magical time of the week where we get the chance to gab about our favorite comic books of the week. It’s time for another installment of Weekly Haul. So, sit back, kick off your shoes and see what books you’ve been missing.

Grim Leaper

By: Kurtis J. Wiebe and Aluisio C. Santos

This final issue of Kurtis Wiebe’s Grim Leaper is bitter sweet to say the least. I’m not usually a love story kind of guy but if more chick flicks were like this story I might actually watch more of them. Okay, probably not, but this was one great story.  

 In issue four Lou and Ella find themselves in familiar bodies… their own. Unsure what this turn of events means, the two go on the hunt for one another. Of course, upon meeting, the two death leapers find that their stories are more intertwined than they ever could have imagined, but can true love conquer death itself?

 I think what I liked most about this story is the idea of second chances. It’s human nature to make mistakes, to stumble and fall, but what do we do when we’re given a second chance? Do we take advantage of the gift or do we continue to suffer the same mistakes time and time again? To me, that’s what Wiebe is trying to say with this macabre love story. If you’re given a second chance then you have to grab it by the old family jewels and take advantage while you can. I also liked the notion of soul mates. I’d say I’m a believer and granted this is a work of fiction; it makes you wonder how much love really can endure.  Grim Leaper is what more comics should strive to be. This book was very entertaining and makes you think on a deeper level. I greatly look forward to more work from Mr. Weibe. 

Ghostbusters #12

By: Erik Burnham and Dan Schoening

When there’s something strange in the neighborhood, who you gonna call? Burn-Ham, Burn-Ham, Burn-Ham. Okay, I know that was a pretty shameless Ghostbusters joke but what are you going to do? In all truthfulness though Erik Burnham really knows how to steer this series smoothly down the highway.

After sending E.T. on the express train back to where he came from, Ray, Winston and Egon make their way to Seattle to drink a little coffee and catch a rock n’ roll show that’s way past it’s expiration date. Of course, as the boys in brown gather their in tell on their rocking specter, Venkman strolls into town and catches a little show of his own. Now with the band complete, the boys must keep Seattle from going up in smoke.

I have to say that I really enjoyed issue twelve. Erik Burnham continues to capture the very essence of these characters. It was a lot of fun to see Venkman in pretty rare form and there was an instance where Ray and Peter have a larger than normal tiff. I feel that this road trip is starting to wear on the group and may be a little foreshadowing for things to come. What I’m most excited about this issue is that the Ghostbusters are heading back to the Big Apple and I have a feeling that Burnham is going to drag these boys through hell. Let’s just hope not literally.

Super Dinosaur #13

By: Robert Kirkman, Jason Howard and Cliff Rathburn

Derek Dynamo is back and he’s kicking a little reptiloid butt with…the Exile? Kirkman is great at throwing in twists and turns to throw off his readers. Just when you think you know what’s coming, BAM, something comes out of left field and completely changes the game.

The story continues with the Exile taking Derek Dynamo to his home base in the core of the Earth’s core, but it appears that the Exile isn’t being welcomed with open arms. Exile plans to use Derek as proof to the reptiloid ruler that our world does truly exist but his words fall on deaf ears. Now to avoid being exiled again, Exile and Derek must reluctantly join forces to escape reptiloid forces. Of course, Super Dinosaur and his rescue crew have run into a few problems of their own; a few really big problems.

Super Dinosaur continues to deliver month after month and Kirkman does a great job of crafting a compelling, action-packed stories. The last couple of issues have been fantastic and the pacing has been non-stop. I think the best part of this series is that amongst all of the dinos and explosions there’s still plenty of character development, especially with Super Dinosaur. He’s such a compelling character.


Harbinger #1

By: Joshua Dysart, Khari Evans and Ian Hannin

 Due to my low expectation Harbinger was the most surprising and intriguing book in my haul this week. I’m not well versed with the Valiant publishing company and I know that they are currently making a comeback and what a comeback.

 Harbinger is the story of Pete and Joe, two twenty-something guys on the run from the authorities. While these two seem like everyone else, they both harbor a gift of telekinesis. Tire of running the duo head back to Pete’s old neighborhood for some unfinished business. Pete is starting to crumble under the weight of his unbearable gift and being on the run, so he goes home to find his childhood crush, Kris. Unfortunately, the cat is out of the bag for Pete and Joe and running isn’t going to be an option for either of them.

 As I said before, my expectations were low for this title due mainly to my lack of knowledge about Valiant. All I can say is that my whistle is wet and a couple more issues like this and I’ll be hooked. Harbinger feels more like a movie than a comic and that’s what makes me like it so much. The set up to the story is interesting and Joshua Dysart does a great job at balancing how much information he gives the readers.  I also can’t decide what has me more curious, who this mystery man with Pete’s power is or whether or not Joe really has the same abilities as Pete. Issue two has been definitely been added to my must own list and everyone else should do the same.


Thanks again for reading my fellow nerds and may the nerd be with you all!

– Joe D.




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