Walking Dead Countdown #8 Moments

 Now…this is a story all about how a man’s life got flipped, turned upside down, and I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there I’ll tell you how the zombies came to life and the world went to hell. Okay, that was a little much, but you know you giggled a little. Another week has passed and has brought us that much closer to the season three premiere and I for one can’t wait! So, let’s commence with my number eight moments. 

#8 Daryl’s Vision (Show)

This moment is a pretty important moment, not only in the show but also for the character. Since the beginning of the show Daryl has been a loner and very much a wild card. After his brother Merle went missing after Rick left him handcuffed on a roof, it seemed as Daryl’s allegiance was up in the air. He wasn’t sticking around with the group because he needed them to survive, but instead as extra hands to find his brother… Or at least that’s what it appeared like until this moment in the woods. This is where Daryl finally picked which side of the fence he stood on.

What I liked most about this moment is that I could finally root for Daryl’s character. I’m not saying that I didn’t like the character before this moment, because he was one of my favorites. I’m saying this because as I said before, viewers had no idea where his character stood and since he was created for the show, the books offer no clues. Daryl’s vision of Merle showed us that Daryl wasn’t too fond of his brother. It was made apparent that he down right loathed him. This vision in the woods let Daryl finally tell his brother to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine and solidify his spot in Rick’s group. All I know is that if the world goes to shit, Daryl is the man I’d want backing me up every step of the way.

#8 Lori Telling Rick She’s Pregnant (Comic)

 This moment right here was a pretty big moment for Rick and Lori for multiple reasons. Lori being pregnant in this new world puts her at great risk. Granted babies have been born without doctors and medications for hundreds of years but zombies do make things a bit more problematic. Of course, even if they make it through the pregnancy and the delivery, how much of a liability does this baby become? The baby’s crying could bring walkers right to the group. So, now Lori and Rick have a lot of decisions to weigh.

The most important question that Lori’s pregnancy poses is whose baby is it? We know that Rick and Lori had a marital reunion when he returned, but not long before Rick’s return Lori and Shane did a little horizontal dancing themselves. It’s now a fifty-fifty shot at who the father really is. What makes this a big deal is that the possibility of this baby being Rick means he constantly has this reminder of Shane sitting right in front of him. Rick may still be alive and with his family, but in a small way Shane still got the last laugh. This moment is one of many moments that make me like Robert Kirkman’s writing even more. Everything in his story happens for the reason and has a deeper meaning.

There’s only seven more weeks until the Walking Dead returns, so make sure to keep tuning in and don’t miss the number one moments of the show and comic!  If you missed moments #9 and #10 be sure to click here to catch yourself up. 


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