Walking Dead Countdown #9 Moments

One week down and only nine more to go until The Walking Dead returns, so it’s time to continue the countdown.  So, sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of zombie plague, where a group of people ban together and try not to get eaten, and try not to get eaten. Thank you. I’ll be here all night.

#9 CDC Explosion (Show)

 There are so many great moments of The Walking Dead that it’s really hard to pick which moments are better than the others. My number nine pick for the show is a moment that sent the first season out with a bang, literally. The CDC exploding was a pretty big moment for Rick and the group and it continued to be an intricate part to the second season.

I remember when the group first made it to the CDC. I had a sense of relief that the group had finally found a safe haven from the hell on earth. Unfortunately, like most things, this place was way too good to be true. This moment is important for three reasons. The first being that it showed audiences that no place in this new world is safe. The group thought the camp was safe and then they were attacked. Then just as they began to feel safe the CDC was destroyed and the group was forced back out into the open. The explosion also signified how the zombies aren’t the only threat for the group. Other people’s beliefs and choices can be just as dangerous as a pair of teeth. The most important thing about this moment is that it drew a line between the members of the group, Shane and Rick to be exact. Rick’s pipe dream blowing up in their face really shook Shane’s faith in his friend.

The CDC exploding was not only a hell of a way to end the first season of this show but it was also the catalyst for the second season. To me, it also set the bar for the rest of the show.



 #9 Carl Killing Shane  (Comic)

 I’m sure a lot of you are surprised that I have this moment so low on the list, but while this moment was huge on the show, there wasn’t as much emphasis in the books. The Shane in the book wasn’t as much of a source of conflict for Rick and the group, but while the character himself wasn’t as big, his death does represent some important things.

 This moment was important to the comics because up until this point the biggest danger that the survivors faced were the walkers. Shane threatening Rick is a lot like Dr. Jenner in the show. It showed readers that in this post-apocalyptic world normal people could be just as dangerous as the walkers. This moment where Carl kills Shane is also important because this signified the end of Carl’s childhood. These characters are thrust into a world where our societal rules no longer apply. Carl is robbed of his childhood and thrust into a world where he must make life and death decisions. Readers of the comic are aware of the acts Carl has committed and Shane’s murder was the beginning of everything.

If you missed the beginning of the countdown feel free to click here to see my number ten moments.


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