Wizard World Chicago 2012

Well, this past weekend I crossed something off of my bucket list; I met Stan ‘The Man’ Lee. Yeah, that’s right, I stood in front of the godfather of comics and watched as he scribbled his John Hancock – or was that Herbie Hancock – on my “Spider-Man” poster. Where did such an amazing thing take place you ask, Wizard World Chicago, one of the happiest places on earth.

I made the journey to Chicago with my cousin and it was like heaven on earth. My giddiness rose to new levels as I came face to face with the Ecto-1, the Bat mobile and the Delorean. It was amazing to see these pieces of my childhood and we weren’t even in the convention yet. As we waited in line I looked around the room and marveled at the costumes. Multiple Nightwings, a couple of Batmans, a few Harley Quinns and a handful of Ghostbusters filled the room and patiently waited with us.

Finally the crowd was allowed in and nerds from all over began their comic feeding frenzy that rivaled anything seen on Shark Week. I’ve never seen that many comic books in one place before. I browsed through the vast collections and saw so many issues that I craved for my collection. I was mere feet away from touching The Incredible Hulk 181, the first appearance of Wolverine. I wanted nothing more than to flip through those historic pages and praise be to Stan “the Man” Lee that comics are encased in plastic because that thing would have been soaked in fan boy drool.  The day was fantastic and there definitely wasn’t a dull moment.

After purchasing our tickets for our Stan Lee autographs, my cousin and I were both giddy as a school girl; which of course was less embarrassing for her, since she is in fact a girl. After a relatively long bathroom break for Mr. Lee, he returned to the booth to continue autographs. My hands shook with excitement. I never imagined that I would ever be that close to Stan Lee, the creator of my all time favorite comic book character – Spider-Man if you were wondering. The line started up and when my turn came up, Stan scribbled his name on my Spider-Man poster and shot me one of those trademark grins that sent my nerdy heart aflutter.

Just when I thought I couldn’t be any happier, I made my next two stops on my nerd voyage. I got the chance to meet “The Walking Dead’s” Jon Bernthal and Norman Reedus. The line for Reedus and Bernthal took forever to get through, but it was worth every single minute. I met Bernthal first and he was one of the nicest guys and Reedus was no different. Both guys took the time to talk to each person in line, shake their hand and take pictures.

After I collected the autographs I set out to get I made my way around the convention. This place was my Disney Land. As I made my way around, and wished I had enough money to afford all the nerdy goodies, I did some star gazing. I caught sight of the likes of Lou Ferrigno, James Marsters, Will Shatner, Luke Perry and Joey Lawrence – WHOA.

When the star gazing ended I made my way over to artist alley because this is where I hope to be one day. I figured the best thing to do is support my brotheren. While I’m a huge fan of established super heroes, this is where the future of comics is happening; unique stories that aren’t found anywhere else. Of course, there was also the master of drawing the Dark Knight, Greg Capullo.

After the day came to its inevitable end, I was nerdvana. I had gotten to meet one of my greatest heroes, see some ‘stars,’ see dozens of costumes – some impressive, most not – and drooled over comics that I’ll probably never be able to afford. I just want to say thank you Wizard World for feeding into my inner nerd and giving me one of the best days ever. Man, I’m a nerd.


Aaww, Memories














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