Dear Mr. Whedon

I just want to start off by saying that I’m sure what I’m about to write will solidify my nerdism and I’m alright with it. I also believe that what I’m about to write is probably one of the most bittersweet things ever. It was officially announced – not surprisingly – that Marvel has snagged up Joss Whedon to write and direct the sequel to the mega hit “The Avengers,”  have a hand in an unnamed Marvel television show and help guide Marvel’s phase II. I now have the upmost faith in Joss, but this new deal could mean the worst for many faithful Whedonites. To help explain myself a little further I’m going to do something in the spirit of Joss Whedon and write a letter expressing my joy and sadness, so here we go!


Dear Joss Whedon,

I just want to start off by saying that I’m a huge fan of you and your work. Time and time again you’ve proved to all nerds and geeks that with hard work and razor sharp wit, we can be cool – except dorks. No one likes them.

I recently read that you’ve officially signed on to write and direct “The Avengers 2” and part of me couldn’t be happier. It makes me extremely ashamed that I ever doubted “The Avengers” would be anything but awesome. I blame the likes of “X-Men: The Last Stand” and “Spider-Man 3”  for leaving such a black stain on my soul that I don’t think will ever come clean. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

While I’m extremely elated at the notion of you getting to be the puppet master for the Marvel universe, I’m also extremely sad. This new task is going to keep you tied up for at least three to four years, maybe more and doesn’t leave much time for your other work. Through the years you’ve done so many amazing things that have fueled my nerdy side.

You first hooked me with “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and I do mean the movie. Come on, Kristy Swanson fighting vampires in spandex, Donald Sutherland as her watcher and Paul Reubens performing one of the finest death scenes since Alan Rickman’s slow motion plummet off the building in “Die Hard.” Then a few years later you took your vixen vampire slayer and made her one of the most beloved pop culture icons ever to grace the small screen.

Then 2002 rolled around and just when I thought I couldn’t love another television show you gave me “Firefly.” The world you created was such a blissful mix of so many genres and introduced to one of the best heroes in many years, Malcolm ‘Mal’ Reynolds. Mal’s adventures with his crew were so much fun. With this crew of misfits, you were able to make me laugh one minute and tug on the old heart strings the next and when the show was put on hiatus – I won’t say canceled. You can’t make me – I was devastated.

I was ecstatic when “Serenity” came out. It was so much fun to have the gang back together and giving the Alliance one last middle finger. Of course, much like this letter, the return was bittersweet because once those credits rolled that world was back on hiatus. This was just another low point on the emotional rollercoaster that I’ve been riding for so long.

Until recently I believed that there was finally light at the end of the tunnel. Cancellation…I mean long term hiatus wasn’t a death sentence anymore. It wasn’t taking to Internet chat rooms that studios heard, but our wallets. Once again money speaks louder than words. In the years to come many shows followed in “Family Guy’s” footsteps. “Futurama” was resurrected on Comedy Central and thanks to Netflix everyone’s dysfunctional family, the Bluth’s are making their return on the small and big screen. This was my light, because if these shows that were thought to be mistakes could find new footing then why not “Firefly? Why can’t the crew of the Firefly continue to be a thorn in the side of Alliance?

All I can ask, neigh, beg of you Joss is please don’t forget this world that us fans have loved for so long. Now that the masses have finally seen the amazing talent that you possess they’re going to want you for their own.  Marvel is going to give you lots and lots of money, but don’t let that sway you from us. I have faith that you will one day return and to us and to make sure everything is ready I’m starting this petition…make that more of a calling to arms for my fellow nerds and geeks.

We all know that studios only speak one language and that’s the almighty dollar; so, we will speak their language. By comings together we will show them that a revival of your world is worth continuing through either more “Firefly” or a “Serenity” sequel. We deserve to see these beloved characters get the chance they were so unfairly robbed of so many years ago.

I will pass this letter around to as many people that I can and if they believe in the cause, I hope that they will sign their name below (not a binding contract). This letter will be a symbol of the hope that I and others still hold on to so dearly. It would show that we aren’t afraid to voice our opinions and prove to the studio that this is a viable franchise to produce and shouldn’t be forgotten.

All I say to you today, Joss, my fellow nerds and geeks, that in spite of all our frustrations and tears, I still have a dream. I have a dream that Nathan Fillion will once again don his brown coat and distribute well-timed snarky comments. I have a dream that we will finally see those two crazy kids, Simon and Kaylee, be happy. I have a dream that Jayne will once again blow some shit up. I have a dream that Wash will some how be written back into the story. I mean come on. This is the future we’re talking about. If “Star Trek” can have androids why can’t they?

All right, I realize that I’ve digressed to a point of no return, so let me wrap this up. Joss, I just want to let you know that it is my mission to pass this letter to as many people as I can, not only in the hopes that by some miracle it will reach your eyes, but also as a petition to prove to the studios that “Serenity/Firefly” deserves its resurrection. We will get as many people to back you as we can and help make history.

To finally bring this letter to an end, because I’m sure you’re ready to kill me for my constant babbling, I just want to once again congratulate you Joss on your new gig. While I will definitely be first in line to get my ticket to “The Avengers 2,” myself and all nerds everywhere, hope that we will see Serenity fly again and we’ll all patiently wait for that day to come.

May the nerd be with you!


Joe D of Nerd Says What? and all of the nerds and geeks of the world…still no dorks.


9 responses to “Dear Mr. Whedon

  1. My name is Eric Wilburn. I approve every dotted i and crossed t in this letter. In Whedon we trust, and with Joe D we agree.

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