#10 Attack on Camp

#10 Camp Attack:

Of course we know that without The Walking Dead comic there would be no show, so this next couple of weeks I’m going to count down my top ten favorite moments from the book as well. To start this list off I’m going to talk about the camp attack after Rick returns. I believe that this was a fantastic moment to really jump start the series.

I think what I like most about this moment is that while there have been a few moments with the undead, there hadn’t really been any huge attacks and you know that Kirkman wasn’t going to kill off any of these characters that early in his books. Even the few pages where Rick gets blindsided in downtown Atlanta, I never felt like he was in real danger. This is the first time that Kirkman really lulls the reader into a false sense of safety. He spends so much time developing his characters and making you like every single one of them that you almost start to forget that these people are in the midst of the zombie apocalypse. This is where Kirkman really thrives.

The way the zombie blitzkrieg hit the group was fantastic and this moment was the first – definitely not the last – that proved that no one was safe from death. What I also really liked about this moment and why I think it deserves its spot on the list, is that fact that it is pretty much the catalyst for the rest of the series. This attack is what forces the group to seek new shelter at the prison and everything just snowballs from there. 

–  Joe D.


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