I just have to start off saying that I’m a HUGE fan of Tim Seeley. He hooked me with Hack/Slash, slayed me – ha, pun intended- with Loaded Bible and now has solidified my admiration for his work with Revival.  This Seeley and Mike Norton brainchild is a dark tale that flips the zombie genre on its head.

The setting is Rothschild, Wisconsin. A small town filled with simple folks, both alive and the revitalized – Rothschild’s newly risen deceased. Tensions run high after the dead have risen and resumed their previous lives, but not everything is at it seems. Officer Dana Cypress is entrusted with the duty of policing the living and the dead and after a local murder pops up everyone is a suspect. As officer Cypress digs deeper into the case she comes to realize that this ‘epidemic’ has hit closer to home than she could’ve ever imagined.

There are only a few things that actually scare me; creepy little kids, Rosie O’Donnell in a bikini and extreme religious fanatics. Of course Revival has extreme religious fanatics. Why did it have to be religious fanatics?

In my mind Tim Seeley is a masterful storyteller. The book flows so smoothly and the way he’s able to drop in little hints in the story leaves the reader salivating for more. After reading this first issue I just had so many unanswered questions: Why have the dead risen? Why aren’t they craving brains? Why was that alien walking through the woods without a coat? I mean he’s in Wisconsin in the middle of winter. That’s just common sense.

I don’t want to talk about the story any more than I already have. Hopefully I’ve given you just enough to peak your interest to buy this book. If you’re a comic fan, a horror fan or a Tim Seeley fan, then you will absolutely love this first issue of Revival and if you don’t, you’re probably a communist. Okay, that is a little harsh, but you’ll definitely be missing out on something great.

I just want to say thank you Tim and Mike. It’s books like Revival that keeps me going back to my LCS week after week.

– Nerd Commander


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