The Amazing Spider-Man

Being a long time Spider-Man fan, I find it fitting that my first post be a review of “The Amazing Spider-Man.”  The only word that I can seem to find fitting enough to describe this movie is AWESOME! Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone were spot on with their performances, the Lizard was done well, the effects were amazing and dare I actually admit this to the world, but the 3-D was superb.

I have to admit that I’m ashamed at my initial reaction to the announcement of this reboot. I was a huge fan of Sam Raimi’s two movies – yeah, as far as I’m concerned he only made two – and all I could do was slap my head in disgust over the creative team getting the boot in favor of a shameless reboot. As the release date grew closer, certain casting and villain choices piqued my interest, but I still just couldn’t get excited for the movie.

Of course, as soon as the credits began to roll I couldn’t do anything but cheer. “The Amazing Spider-Man” isn’t the movie we needed, but it’s definitely the movie that we all deserved.

The supporting cast was great in their parts and everyone really owned their characters, but it is Garfield and Stone who deserve the loudest applause. Those two created such realistic characters on their own and their on screen chemistry was top notch. Granted, there were a few times where the love scenes were a little over the top, but overall they were fantastic.

One thing that I have to commend Marc Webb and the writers the most for is the fact that despite being saddled with rehashing the origin story, they still did enough interesting twists that made reference to the source material without recreating it completely. I think my favorite reference by far is…

Minor spoiler alert…


…when Peter Parker falls through the roof of a building after is altercation with a street gang. It was awesome when you realized he fell into a deserted wrestling arena. He stands up in the middle of the ring and takes notice of one of the posters. The wrestler’s mask bears a striking resemblance to the Spider-Man mask and it ignites Peter’s imagination.

While I continue to gush over my childhood hero, I must be fair and say that this movie isn’t without its faults. The Lizard’s absence of a snout – like many of his comic incarnations – seemed a little silly and while Curt Connors seemed to take a really quick dive off the deep end. In the end, his character’s descent seemed awfully familiar to Doctor Octopus in “Spider-Man 2.”

Also, it was funny that Peter Parker bought his web cartridges from Oscorp. Now in the sequel when the Green Goblin reveals he knows Spider-Man’s true identity, he’ll tell him he found Peter Parker’s credit card receipt for all the webbing.

I really and truly believe that this movie is going to quiet all of the neigh sayers because it definitely quieted this one. This may be a bold and premature statement, but what “The Amazing Spider-Man” has done for this franchise is on par with what “Batman Begins” did for the Batman franchise.


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